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Do your research

The first thing most people would do is go on to Google and enter a search for something like moving home or removals, then go through the websites produced by this search to find a few that suit them. The main thing you’re looking for is the Suburb that a company works in. It’s no use approaching a Parramatta based removals company when you’re planning to move from Bondi to Coogee.

Complete moving services

The second thing you’re looking for is the completeness of the service that they offer. Some companies offer a very basic removal service – a van and one or two men to move a few items. Whereas other companies may offer the full gambit of move related services, such as packing, storage, disposal, dismantling/reassembly. If you’re a student, with just a few too many boxes than can be fit into a car, then the first company will probably suffice. If you’ve got a large family with too much to pack up and no time to do it in, lots of furniture and possibly boxes of unused items in the loft that need to be disposed of, then the second company is obviously the better choice.

How to get a removal quote?

When you are looking to move home and you’ve found a new property and decided on a date, you can then start searching for quotes.
Unfortunately getting a quote for a removal service is not like searching for car insurance or buying a CD on the internet. You can’t simply input a few details on some website and then sit back and sip your tea while a cleverly written program trawls through various databases to compile a myriad of quotes for you to peruse. The truth is that the amount of information that would be required to be entered is quite extensive and as the business of moving is very much a matter of geography. However, the internet can be a very useful tool in obtaining quotes.

Asking the important questions

When we talk to customers who are looking for a quote, we ask a lot of questions, so that we can be as accurate and comprehensive as possible. If you are telephoning more than two or three removal companies, you may find it useful to type up a description of your move that you can email out so that you don’t have to answer the same questions over and over again. The following list is a guideline of the kind of questions removal companies ask to help them provide a quote:
  • What date do you plan to move?
  • Where are you moving from and to?
  • Are you planning any additional drop-offs or collections?
  • What floor is each property on and how many floors does it span?
  • Is there parking within 10 metres from the front door? If not, how far do you have to walk?
  • How big is the property you’re moving from?
  • What is the contents of the property? (A list of the large items is preferable)
  • Are there any items that needed special attention when you moved in? I.e. Items that need to be dismantled, taken through windows or over gardens fences, etc.
  • Are there any items that are especially fragile or need extra protection?
  • Are there any items that are especially valuable?
  • Do you want packing assistance?
  • Do you require any storage?
  • Do you require any disposal?
  • Are there any associated services that you may need that we can put you in touch with? I.e. cleaners, lettings agents, builders, pest controllers, electricians, plumbers, painter/decorators?
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